Registered Charity No. 229571

Our Vision and Our Mission

Yateley Industries works to sustain and increase the opportunities for people with disabilities in rewarding employment, both in its internal employment opportunities and mainstream work, with an occupation that enables a disabled person to contribute to society. It operates one of the few remaining supported factories that help vulnerable adults to do paid meaningful work and training intended to help progress them into mainstream employment.

Yateley Industries also provides a contract packing/assembly service for several local businesses, using specialised packing and cutting machines for shrink wrapping hardware. Other projects have included packing hair care products, assembling vehicle lighting components and small motor parts, bottling glue, labelling CDs and mailshots as well as packing car accessories.


At Yateley Industries the aim is to encourage each individual to fulfil his or her own potential, both at work and at home. This is achieved by providing paid, meaningful employment in our supported workshop, and assisted accommodation where desirable. Employees work towards identified goals, encompassing areas such as financial management, independent living skills, production output and social integration. Progress towards achieving these goals is monitored and aided by our care and production staff and is recorded.

Regular reviews provide an opportunity for frank discussion of any problems as well as aims for the future. All managers/staff operate an open door policy and employees/residents are encouraged to discuss any issues as and when they arise. Ultimately the aim is to equip our residents with the skills needed to move into ‘open’ employment and independent living.

Child to Adult

It is a fact that, once the child becomes an adult and they have finished formal education, they then get forgotten. For a person in their late teens and young adults they have very limited choices in life as to where they can live and work. Yateley can provide the accommodation and employment with the added benefit of a safe environment.

If you know of a disabled person then please get in contact with us and talk to our Contracts Manager on 01252 872337.

Message from the Chairman

Yateley Industries for the Disabled Limited is one of the few supported factories that help vulnerable adults to do paid meaningful work and training which will enable people with disabilities to progress into mainstream employment.

Yateley have managed to survive in the recent economic recession, but this has come by sheer hard work and initiatives by all of the staff.

The charity is regulated by Companies House and the Charities Commission as well as Local Authorities that fund us through their clients.

Supporting Us

Yateley Industries receives funding and support from various Local Authorities and Social Services for our disabled and vulnerable employees although this is diminishing. A third of our income comes from our commercial activities and a third comes from charitable grants and corporate organisations. With your help, we have already been able to achieve so much, but we need you now, more than ever, especially in today’s economic climate.

We are also hugely grateful to the many donors, grant making trusts and foundations who have supported us in the past.

If you would like to make a donation, please contact us.

Coronavirus statement

During the ongoing situation with Coronavirus our priority is for the safety and wellbeing of our staff and residents.

We have carried out workplace risk assessments to ensure we have a Covid Secure workplace and followed guidance issued by the UK Government, Public Health England and the NHS in order to do everything we can to minimise the impact and reduce the spread of COVID-19 across our workplace and accommodation.

We will continue to monitor the situation and take action where necessary including staff furlough, staff working from home where possible and closing parts of the business in line with local restrictions.

Please get in touch with us if you have any queries or concerns: