Housing and Accommodation

Its 4.5 acre site, which originally accommodated 28 residents in bungalows grouped around “The Crescent” will eventually accommodate 52 residents once the new build has been completed. The first phase is finished and the second phase should be completed by the end of 2016. The third phase is expected to start early part of 2017.

The Crescent fronts onto a large grassed recreational area where residents may play games, have barbeques or just relax. This area is also used for organised events from time to time. A group of residents and volunteers have built an attractive raised garden, with a pond and residents who enjoy gardening are encouraged to maintain this area.

Update about extensions

It was due to the demand of accommodation for disabled and vulnerable people that Yateley decided to build modern adapted apartments, this by using the same footprint as the original bungalows. The Salvation Army Bank provided the initial building funds, although further funds are required for the refurbishing of the accommodation which includes everyday domestic items. At the end of 2016, Yateley, with the help of donations and grants and fundraising have managed to accrue a further circa £40k.

However, much still needs to be done and a further £60k plus is required to furnish the next phase of the build.


It is our belief that there is a need for adapted accommodation for our disabled colleagues.

If you decide that you wish to become a resident at Yateley then it is our job to make sure that moving in is as easy as possible by helping you to move.

We are passionate about our services and we make sure that you remain in a pleasant and friendly place in which all our residents want to live.

We aim to provide a good management service to make sure that residents have places where they are proud to live.

Providing a good housing choice is important as the needs and aspirations of our residents change so we actively support and encourage ‘transitions’ throughout the accommodation to make sure residents are living in the most suitable properties to enable them to live independent lives.

Yateley have a dedicated Estates and Maintenance Manager and if you have any queries or problems, you can contact our Estates and Maintenance Manager (Mrs Dianne Parsons or Mr Maurice Flaherty).