SODA – Supporters of the DAY (Disabled at Yateley) Appeal

Yateley Industries have a voluntary fundraising group who were initially established to help support the charity in maintaining the residential accommodation. Along with this, their aim is also to enhance the social aspect of the disabled client’s lives by organising and subsidising activities and outings. This all plays a part in encouraging the clients to build confidence and social interaction.


The group is formed mainly of the client’s relatives and associates of Yateley Industries who meet on a regular basis to discuss and plan their annual events.

The type of events that take place both onsite and externally include:

Race nights, Skittles, Barbecues, Sesonal Discos, Games afternoons, Leisure trips and activities (Museum, Theatre, etc) and Warner Leisure weekends.

Although some of the above are just for social occasions, some events help to fundraise by ticket sales and raffle draws. Other ways that SODA raise funds include:

Jumble sales, Local fairs and Recycling.

There is always opportunity for new volunteers to join the group.

To find out more contact the Chairman, See our contact page here